The Wonder of Stoneleigh

In Rapaura, Marlborough, there lies a vineyard studded with precious stones.

Once the bed of an ancient river, today they form the floor of our vineyard.

We call them sunstones.

During the day, the sunstones reflect the brilliant Marlborough sunshine up into the vines and grapes. Bathed with heat from above and below, the grapes gradually ripen, intensifying the wonderfully rich flavours.

Stoneleigh Vine
Stoneleigh Vineyard
Stoneleigh Vines
Stoneleihg Vineyard Scenery

Starved of moisture and struggling to grow in the stony soil, the vines concentrate their efforts into producing a few precious grapes, with the cool Marlborough nights locking the crisp, concentrated flavour inside. What the vines lack in quantity of fruit, they more than make up for in quality.

The result is a rare wine; elegant and crisp, yet intense – the taste of Stoneleigh.