Meet Our Team

Jamie Marfell – Winemaker

Winemaking was an inevitable career choice for Jamie who grew up on a farm overlooking a valley of grapevines in Marlborough. Following a degree in agricultural science and a postgraduate diploma in viticulture and oenology, Jamie began as a trainee winemaker in 1990, before returning to his hometown in 2002 to lead the Stoneleigh winemaking team. 

Rod Brailsford – Vineyard Manager

Rod manages some of the best vineyards in Marlborough, leading a team of pruners and pickers who tend to the Stoneleigh vines throughout the year. “I enjoy vineyard work as you are not chained to a desk, you are able to escape outside and check progress around the vineyard – especially important with distinctive wines like Stoneleigh”, Rod notes.

Jamie Marfell at Stoneleigh Vineyards
Rod Brailsford Stoneleigh Vineyard Manager
Stoneleigh Winemaker Jamie Marfell
Stoneleigh Winemarket Jamie Marfell at Stoneleigh Vineyard