Nature’s Wonder Delivered by the Tide

Meet husband and wife team, Doug and Louise. Like many New Zealanders, they have spent years enjoying the waters surrounding this extraordinary land we call home. Over time, Doug and Louise noticed New Zealand’s abundant, but largely ignored, supply of submerged kelp and pondered the potential for this bountiful resource. Embracing nature, this Auckland duo began collecting the detached seaweed, and in doing so, began realising the benefits of one of the world’s most under-utilised superfoods.

Found mainly in shallow bodies of salt water, New Zealand’s kelp forests act as breeding grounds for fish and other sea life. The flavours of kelp have long been celebrated in Japanese cuisine; however, much of the western world is yet to fully embrace this superfood as part of its culinary repertoire.

Since kelp provides an important breeding ground for fish and other marine life, New Zealand’s environmental law forbids the cutting of seaweed directly from the ocean floor. Thankfully, a wonder of nature delivers it to them. As storms detach the kelp from the reefs below, kelp is able to be gathered from the water by hand, before it is destroyed by the beaches and rocks of the shoreline.

New Zealand Kelp
New Zealand Kelp Pacific Harvest
Tarakihi fish fillets wrapped in herbs, lemon and kelp
New Zealand Kelp

As home to some of the world’s cleanest salt water, New Zealand produces much of the finest quality ocean vegetation on earth. Doug collects his untouched seaweed from carefully chosen sources such as Bay of Plenty, Wairarapa & Hawke’s Bay, seeking out the Ecklonia Radiata species which is distinctive in its speckled colour and mild taste.

Once taken from the ocean, kelp can be used in cooking as a vegetable or even as a seasoning. Watch as Doug and Louise showcase how smoking seaweed can unlock a deeper, richer flavour. This results in their delicious, healthy and super quick Tarakihi fish fillets wrapped in herbs, lemon and kelp, paired beautifully with a crisp, vibrant Stoneleigh Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. This harvested kelp, once essential for life underwater, has breathed new life into the recipes and flavours enjoyed by Doug and Louise.