Nature’s Wonder from Tree to Bee

Introducing Jeremy, a beekeeper based in Christchurch, New Zealand. A few years ago, Jeremy and his partner Sharyn, along with their family, made the move south from Auckland, discovering an abundance of fresh local produce on their journey. Stopping at the roadside stalls and markets throughout the South Island, they were particularly enthralled by the distinctive tastes of the regional honeys. These were honeys that spoke of their environments; and that’s when J. Friend & Co was born.

Working alongside a team of passionate and expert beekeepers, Jeremey selects the best hive locations in New Zealand, tending to the bees with care and dedication. J. Friend & Co are certified organic and believe in producing honey with honesty and integrity, celebrating the work of New Zealand’s bees and letting nature take its course.

Deep in the unspoilt forests of the South Island, Jeremy produces one of the most unique honeys in the world. The nectar that becomes honey is traditionally gathered from the pollen of flowers, but the honey made in the J. Friend & Co Beechwood Honeydew hives is different. Instead of gathering their nectar from flowers, Jeremy’s bees collect the sweet, fine strands of sap found on the native beech trees. This wonder of nature results in the unique taste and texture of Beechwood Honeydew organic honey – with a flavour unlike any other.

Natural, pure and distinctive, Jeremy’s artisan honey is dark and strong, with a characteristic amber colour and beautifully rich texture. Less sweet than typical honey, with a deliciously smooth finish, Beechwood Honeydew is perfect for cooking. It is best enjoyed fresh, combined with other seasonal ingredients.

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Using his honey, Jeremy creates honest homemade dishes full of depth, flavour and sweetness, such as his simple, yet mouth-watering, ricotta, thyme and Beechwood Honeydew pizza, or a fig, blue cheese and J. Friend & Co honey pizza. After a long day of harvesting, Jeremy takes time to enjoy the fruits of his labour in the company of friends and family, complemented by a glass of crisp Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc.

Allowing nature to do what it does best, Jeremy harvests the flavours of his surrounding environment to produce the lifeblood of J. Friend & Co.